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fathers day
Father’s Day is celebrated every year at ‘The Evolving Minds Preschool’ for honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the importance of father in a child’s life.
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anual day the evolving minds aurangabad
Annual day is the biggest and the most grand event where the entire programme is presented and hosted by the little children themselves in an amazing way.
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Unique Art Craft activity Aurangabad School
The art and craft here is not only a fun session but also involves the activities that help the child develop creativity, concentration, imagination skills, visual learning and improved IQ levels.
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Public Speaking Jr Sr Kg Aurangabad
Public speaking is the art that can be acquired. We motivate and boost the confidence in each and every child by developing their speech, communication skills, stage daring and personality through lot of opportunities given to them.
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Kids Yoga Meditation activity 6
Daily yoga and meditation sessions improve the mental well-being of the child
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Cognitive Approach activity
The cognitive approach focuses on the understanding of information and concepts.
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Moral Science Training School Aurangabad
A sincere effort of keeping each and every child rooted in their
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Practical Field Trips The Evolving Minds
The field trips offer a hands-on experience for the knowledge
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High Scope Curriculum activity 2
The Evolving Minds Preschool offers the best researched and designed
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Music Dramatics activity 1
Music and dramatics is a universal language of humanity and hence is a part of our curriculum. It brings confidence,stage daring and positive energy in the kids,hence making them smarter.
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