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Mother Toddler

This unique program is for toddlers to come out of their cocoons and enjoy a rich surrounding where they start to socialise and interact with other toddlers in a warm and protective environment along with their mother.

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Play Group

Play group is the very first step towards making the child independent and emotionally stable to start the journey of learning with lots of fun and interest.

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Our Nursery program focuses on the child’s emotional, social and personal growth and development. The rich class environment and the loving mentors help the child develop the love for school.

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Junior Kindergarten

The program of Junior Kindergarten is like a building block for the child which sets a strong foundation for their educational journey under the guidance of trained and loving mentors.

Senior Kindergarten

The Senior Kindergarten completely transforms and makes the child super smart to take the challenges of primary education with full confidence and enthusiasm.

About Our School

The Evolvers Nest Preschool is committed to provide the best educational environment to its little Evolvers. It justifies its name by letting the little minds evolve in all the areas of development and use their potential in the best way.

The interior of the school is filled with knowledge and information all around to let the child learn from everywhere they look. The focus is to make every child confident and intellectually smart in academics, sports and all other curricular activities. The children here are encouraged to learn important life skills to pursue good and healthy habits in their lives.


What Parents Say

  • Searching for a school is easy but searching for the best school for the Little one is tough as kids are in the stage of learning which is hard to reverse.

    It is tough to nurture them accurately without losing our calm. Guiding parents and encouragement for little ones are one of the many good things this school does.

    The Evolving Minds has been great place for kids where they learnt not only educational value but also learnt about cultural values and values of physical health.

    I appreciate that the school is giving importance to all the dimensions which we ignore in order to make our kids educated. The values instilled since the beginning will always provide strength for the future and positivity in their attitude through life.

    We still remember when we were searching for a good school for our little one. We were focused on safety, security and activities in school along with teachers’ overall engagement with kids. And The Evolving Minds has given all of these under one roof.

    Mrs Nirupama Bafna is really a pleasing personality with a vision who put the foundation of this school.

    All teachers are very nice and cooperative.

    Mrs. Swati Madan
  • My child has completed his Sr KG in The Evolving Minds Preschool. Now he has been selected for Army Public School in Dehradun. My son said he was very happy in this school. His teachers are so happy because his base is very good that he is giving answers very quickly, writing nicely and following the instruction of teachers. He has learnt all these things in The Evolving Minds. Thank you so much to the entire team.

    Dr. Shraddha Mutha
    Parent of Sr KG Student
  • This is deligation to The Evolving team but special to the principal mam. Thank you so much mam for receiving our messages and answers to our questions. Thanks for always saying yes & given time and humility to us. And I would like to see you as principal of Primary and Secondary School. So that again we are a part of your school.

    Aarti J
    Parent of Nursery Student
  • I am shivanshi mother I am very satisfied with the online classes as they start in the month of June, I could come to know how childs doing, which means what they are learning I am very happy about it. Even I am much into their study now and seeing the growth day by day. School take many efforts for it for activity events etc. Childs is doing well and they are happy. And I am happy with my child progress.

    Shivani K
    Parent of Sr.KG Student
  • Hello Ma’am…
    Ths is Rashi Tolwani mother of Priyansh Tolwani…
    We love the way u teach our kids….very Politely, Patiently… U love our kids so much….
    He used to say to me whenever I go to school Leena ma’am loves me a lot….The way u respond to us, always give us Positive vibes…U always solve d problems and give us Proper Reply….Always Appreciate my child….this is the best thing u do….The best thing about Leena ma’am is U reply very Politely….U r very Sweet….Kids n we both love u so much n will miss u so much….Always expect love from our kids….Good bonding with Parents n kids too…🥰🥰🥰….lots of Love:-Priyansh Tolwani…

    Mrs Rashi Tolwani


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